Our Legacy

Pushpam group has a sound, respectable and glorious legacy of 50 years in various types of business ventures. Presently, Pushpam has several types of businesses under its umbrella. This amalgamation started in 1991 with Pushpam Gas Agency with a vision of stop pilferage to ensure that the right product reaches right people in right time. Pushpam always has hosted innovative services and ideas and implemented them to acquire maximum benefit for all its ventures.

Problem solving is its forte. Recognizing the exact problem and finding customized effective solutions is our legacy. Pushpam Computers that started with selling of hardware has a remarkable place now in the IT world. The key to this success was thinking ahead of time viz. bringing in software for MR, LIC agents, Sales representatives and so on. We at Pushpam are pledged to

reach out to the customer and concentrate all efforts around maximization of customer satisfaction. The story of Jai Anand Agro which was a struggling company is a testimony to this as its face is now seen as an expanding and profit-making company. Using the latest technology is always on our priority list to achieve these goals. Sensitively understanding the exact need of cancer patients and their families, Universal cancer quest began with the aim to diminish the pain of a cancer patient during medication.

In a nut-shell, Pushpam is an incubator for business professionals who are good at their work but are struggling for some or the other reason. We have a legacy of success and we take pride in administering that experience and guidance to every venture working with us.